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Site Policy

This Web Site is operated by Interprotein Corporation. Please read the following 'Copyright' and 'Disclaimer' carefully before accessing this Site.


Except where indicated, all content included on this Web Site, including text, is the property of Interprotein Corporation. Reproduction of the contents by the users shall be allowed only for the nonprofit and personal use conforming to the law, and accompanied by an explicit notice of the copyright. In spite of the above provision, no reproductions of whatever contents are allowed that have been quoted by us, the sources of which are duly noticed.


While we have tried to ensure the accuracy and reliability in creating this Web Site, it makes no warranties as to the accuracy, usefulness etc. In addition, among our plan and scope of the business in this Web Site, except the record of the past, have been based on what are available to us under the ?gas of?h condition and contain uncertainties.

The business performance might be a wide dissociation from the projection due to the various factors such as the economic conditions, business trend, new product and so forth.

On this account, we disclaim liability for any damages that are arisen from the information (including data) obtained from this Web Site.

We may alter or delete any part of information carried in this Web Site without prior notice.

Photo courtesy site

A part of pictures and photographs has acquired from the following web site.


The PyMOL Molecular Graphics System, Version 1.7.5 Schrödinger, LLC.