Platform technologies


10,000,000 ···->200

INTENDD® proposes 200 candidate compounds in 4 months for wet screening

INTENDD® is our proprietary in silico drug design strategy that enables us to screen around 10 million chemical compounds (commercial libraries and PPI-oriented in-house compounds).

Screening by INTENDD® is comprised of 2 steps:

  • 1) Identification of binding pockets for small molecule (1 month)

  • 2) Molecular design based on “binding mechanism” by SBSG® (Structure-Based Scaffold Generation) method (3 months).

Variety of unique scaffolds

INTENDD® can uniquely isolate compounds with high entropy

What’s unique about INTENDD® is that it focuses on the structural features of the target binding site to screen the compounds. This molecular design strategy of INTENDD® gives a different result from prevailing MD (molecular dynamics)-based docking methods, and ensures the identification of multiple compounds with different unique scaffolds based on binding mechanism. Such compounds tend to have relatively high entropy contribution in the total binding energy, which will contribute to providing distinctive original compounds and diversifying your hit pool.

Accurate prediction in nanomolar range

INTENDD® can propose highly active compounds by accurately predicting the total binding energy including entropy.

INTENDD® considers the contribution of entropy for a binding process. This means that promising hit compounds with large entropic contribution to total binding energy can be enriched in highly ranked compounds. Therefore, INTENDD® can provide hit compounds with higher activities in nanomolar ranges for PPI targets

~20% hit rate

Evolved INTENDD® achieved high hit discovery rate even for extremely challenging targets

Our recent attempt showed a remarkably high hit rate (~20% in the primary screening and ~50 % in the secondary screening) with a wide variety of scaffolds. With precise 3D structural information (co-crystal structure of interacting proteins in good resolution) and a wise molecular design strategy, INTENDD® can always produce “high quality” hits (highly active hit compounds having unique scaffolds with higher hit rates).

Alternatives can cooperate

With INTENDD®, the process of in silico drug discovery can further be facilitated

INTENDD® is a versatile platform providing an option to cooperate with other in silico methods, and we can propose solutions that are best fit in your situations. Different filters can be employed to screen compounds; for example, INTENDD® provides a filter focusing on binding mechanism, while docking methods focus on MD-based energy calculation. Application of different filters will create synergistic effects, and we can achieve better results even for a once intractable target.